About Us

Pete Engel

An admirer of all things mechanical, Pete and his love of cars goes back decades. Having owned examples from the USA, Japan, and Europe over the years, Pete’s current collection consists of a variety of vehicles from the late ’80s to the late ’90s, all of which are ready to hit the road on short notice! Pete lives in Southern Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Brad Phillips

Brad has worked tirelessly to integrate his love of the collector car hobby into every facet of his professional and personal life. Restoring and driving cars from the nickel era through today’s ultra exotics has given him a great appreciation for events that focus on the pure enjoyment of looking at life through the windshield. Two Lane Touring was created to share the love of the road with friends new and old. Let’s drive!

Matt Lewis

Matt has a lifelong love for the automobile that started with Hot Wheels, Magnum P.I., and Knight Rider. After high school, he worked as an installer at an automotive electronics shop while attending college for automotive mechanics. He has over over a decade of experience in marketing and event production at a multitude of automotive enthusiast brands.